Why a Personalized Custom Blesta Theme Matters

1. Looks That Stick:
Your website is your first impression. A custom design lets you make it memorable, giving it a look that sticks with your visitors.

2. Brand Vibes Everywhere:
Your brand is your identity. With a custom theme, you can showcase your logo, colors, and overall brand feel. Make your website uniquely yours.

3. Easy for Everyone:
Your visitors should feel at ease. A custom Blesta theme ensures that navigating your site is straightforward, making it a comfortable experience for anyone dropping by.

4. Features You Need:
Ready for more than the basics? A Blesta custom theme allows you to add features that suit your business. No unnecessary frills, just what you need.

5. Google’s a Fan:
A good-looking website is also a favorite of search engines. A custom Blesta theme not only looks good but also makes Google happy, improving your website’s chances of being discovered.

Whether you’re a tech wizard or just starting out, a custom Blesta theme is like having a tailor-made suit for your website – it just fits better.

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The Secret Weapon of a Custom WHMCS Design

In the bustling world of web hosting, having a website that truly stands out is your ticket to success. Forget the cookie-cutter templates – a custom WHMCS design is your secret sauce.

Here’s why you need it:

1. Make a Statement from the Start:
Your website is your handshake with potential clients. A custom design ensures it’s not a forgettable one, creating an instant connection.

2. Own Your Brand’s Look and Feel:
Be the Picasso of your website. With a custom WHMCS design, you can paint your brand colors all over, reinforcing your identity and leaving a lasting impression.

3. User-Friendly Vibes:
Tailor your website to fit like a glove. Customization means a smoother ride for your users – from easy navigation to a hassle-free checkout process.

4. Beyond the Basics:
Don’t settle for the basics. Custom designs let you add personalized features, making your website a true reflection of your hosting business.

5. SEO Friendliness:
Let’s get Google’s attention. A custom design not only looks good but also speaks the language of search engines, giving your website a boost in the SEO game.

6. Grow without Limits:
Like your business, your website should evolve. Custom WHMCS designs provide the flexibility to adapt and expand as your hosting business spreads its wings.

7. Stay Ahead of the Pack:
In a world of clones, be the trendsetter. A custom design sets you apart, showing your commitment to providing a standout service.

So, toss the generic templates aside. Embrace the unique charm of a custom WHMCS design, and watch your web hosting venture become the talk of the town.

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New AALayer Website!

After two or three long years, we are excited to finally unveil our newly designed website! We wanted to give our site a fresh look, staying true to our commitment of providing a user-friendly experience. We focused on making navigation easier and ensuring that information is readily available.

The design is responsive, adapting to different devices seamlessly. We’ve also added interactive features and personalized recommendations to make your visit more engaging.

Come explore our new website.

FOSSBilling, the new BoxBilling

We all remember BoxBilling.
The old billing platform we all used to have in our journey as a hosting company back in the days.

BoxBilling was very popular at that time due to the fact that it was one of the only ones around, completely free to use compared to it’s competitors. Awesome right?

A few years later, the billing platform(BoxBilling) was no longer getting updates & maintained. Companies stopped using it due to security issues & lack of support with 3d party integrations & apps. The project died and was just having the website online with no new announcements.

New billing platforms were introduced and companies migrated to those solutions, mostly the premium ones that were stable and popular among other hosting companies.

Not long ago from the time of this post, a post was made in LowEndTalk, a community forum used by a crazy amount of hosting businesses & Hosting/VPS/Dedicated servers enthusiastics.

BoxBilling was now getting updates & plans for the future by an active team of developers. That is not all though…

BoxBilling is also getting rewrited to a completely new and modern billing platform which will be named FOSSBilling.

The new billing app does not have ETA yet however you can check all the progess in their github page: https://github.com/FOSSBilling/FOSSBilling

FOSSBilling billing platform aim is to provide a modern billing solution which will be free open source. Worth keeping an eye at!

If you wish to follow their progress even closer, join their official Discord group: https://discord.gg/mhTmdTYQ

Ultimate Blesta Admin Template

Meet Blestarized
Blestarized is a clean and smart blesta admin template & theme for your every day use.

This template includes a bunch of features & skins in a modern & responsive UX that will ease your every day work with Blesta.

What’s included:

  • Modern admin template.
  • Continuous development & feature adding.
  • Current extra Skins & new Skins
  • License for 1 domain
  • Support 24 / 7 – Skype, discord and email.


Theme Video Demo:


Get this theme now:


WHMCS 8.5 is here! What is included..

WHMCS 8.5 is currently in Release Candidate at the time of this article.
It is about to go general availability any moment now.

What’s new in this version?

1. Client Area Home Page SSO – Clients can now use single sign-on to access their active services such as cPanel and Plesk hosting accounts directly from the Client Area Home Page.

2. Multi-Year SSL Orders with DigiCert – Offer two-year and three-year SSL certificates from RapidSSL, GeoTrust and DigiCert via MarketConnect with fully automatic reissuance and reinstallation throughout the order period.

3. Shopping Cart Cross-selling – Setup additional product recommendations to be displayed when customers add a product to their cart or checkout.

4. Metric Billing for Plesk – Bill for resource usage including things such as email addresses, disk space and bandwidth.

5. cPanel SEO via MarketConnect – An SEO product offering that helps your customers websites rank more highly in search engines such as Google, creating more successful websites to maximise customer retention.

6. Improved System Settings – Now with categories, sorting preferences and improved responsive behaviour.

Take a look at all the features included in this new version! Click here!

Top #1 Minecraft Theme & Template for WHMCS

Minecraft is no doubt one of the most played and popular online games for many years.

Many people have started selling servers as it is a very profitable business, maybe you too?  If so, we recommend using WHMCS as the billing area + our newest Minecraft theme UltraMC .


You can now use our Minecraft Hosting WHMCS theme & template for your business & company to increase your sales and make you look like one of those big brands at a small cost. This theme is created for both, those who sell Minecraft servers or Minecraft services.

It’s very easy to edit for those with no experience at all at coding.

This template & theme will make your competition look like a 90’s website.


Theme’s features:

  • An unique & modern dark minecraft hosting theme for WHMCS
  • Custom pricing design for orders/packages on WHMCS
  • Photoshop file for the logo
  • Well documented for installation & edit
  • 1 year free support


Top #1 Gaming Theme for WHMCS

Are you in the game server selling business? You most likely are using WHMCS as a billing software for your clients! Why not increase your server selling sales with a modern gaming theme that will fit your company just… perfectly?


Meet our latest gaming template for WHMCS, UltraGame

It is a dark theme meant only for businesses & companies that sell game servers. Theme includes most popular multiplayer games in it’s homepage.

You can easily change/remove game parts to add your own! It’s a theme that is well documented and very easy to edit even for those with no experience.


UltraGame theme can be used for both, just billing area or even as a straight up primary site for your business! It has all covered.


Some games included:

  • CS:GO
  • Killing Floor
  • Rust
  • Arma 3
  • DayZ
  • .. etc.


Theme’s features:

  • Very modern and unique
  • Custom pricing design for orders/packages
  • You will get photoshop file for the logo
  • Well documented theme to install & edit
  • 1 year free support


The best VPN theme & template for WHMCS

If you are in the VPN & Proxy or anything related to privacy & security online, you most likely are using WHMCS as the billing area.

Why not increasing your sales by presenting your business more professional and easier for clients to move around with a modern, unique and responsive whmcs VPN theme!

Meet UltraVPN, the ultimate dark VPN & Proxy theme & template for WHMCS.

This whmcs theme is very easy to install and edit as per your preferences. It looks perfect in every device you will open it from. Convert your visitors to clients in no time!

Theme features:

  • Very modern and unique whmcs template
  • Responsive in all devices (mobile / desktop)
  • Easy to install & edit
  • Well documented for other programmers
  • Comes with 1 year free support


The best 3 Dark WHMCS hosting themes!

The best 3 dark hosting themes & templates for the billing platform WHMCS!

Here’s our list of top 3 whmcs themes for hosting companies & businesses


1. UltraHost – Dark Hosting Theme – 69$

This theme comes in 2 versions, one is using a gradient dark blue as a background everywhere and the other one uses an image background that can be easily replaced.

This is only a WHMCS theme and does not come with any PHP/HTML folder:


2. Odin – Dark Hosting Template – 69$

Odin comes second on the list and here’s why. It’s a perfect theme based on a PHP/HTML template that can be used for your primary website (No WordPress/CMS) and it’s integrated completely

with the billing platform WHMCS. It contains a lot of modern pages in the PHP/HTML version to make your company look very professional. Easy to configure/edit aswell!


3. Zeus – Dark Hosting Theme – 69$

Not far behind.. Zeus is the sister theme of Odin.

It is very identical to the mentioned theme, standing out with it’s perfectly balanced yellow color. Comes aswell in PHP/HTML version and integrated for WHMCS. So you’ll be receiving 2 folders after theme purchase.


Some general features regarding these whmcs themes:

  • Very modern and unique
  • Modified/customized pricing plans/packages design on WHMCS side
  • Responsive in all devices
  • Very easy to edit
  • Well documented for installation
  • Comes with 1 year free support


Here’s a list of all our whmcs themes: https://whmcs.design

Dark Host, VPN and Gaming Theme for Blesta

I’d like to start by saying that it has been an amazing year designing themes, especially themes for Blesta.
We are very happy to our recent client increase and interest within our themes, thank you!

We have some new arrivals that are focused on different service selling, let’s start with our first one:

This is UltraHost. A Blesta theme for the game hosting industry. It contains ready-to-use designs to sell servers for CS:GO, Rust, Ark Survival, Killing Floor.. and so many more in an unique and amazing dark-mode experience.

Next one:

The new VPN Theme & Template for Blesta, UltraVPN. It is the ultimate Blesta theme for companies that sell VPN/Proxy or anything that has to do with privacy online. This theme can make Blesta be used as a primary site for your company.

.. and the last but not least:

Get your game server hosting company to the next level with our amazing new theme, UltraGame. This one is a Blesta theme for the game hosting industry. It contains ready-to-use designs to sell servers for CS:GO, Rust, Ark Survival, Killing Floor.. and so many more in an unique and amazing dark-mode experience.

All the themes pricing is 59$ and start with 1 year free support.

You can check all our available Blesta themes over: https://blesta.shop

Adding snow effect to your website using Javascript

Winter is pretty near.. so is the snow that comes with it.
Would you want your website to have the same feeling as going outside in these cold winter times?

Let’s get straight to the point of this article. All you have to do is add this line of Javascript to your website.

var marginBottom,marginRight,snowMax=115,snowColor=["#E4EFF0","#E4EFF0"],snowEntity="•",snowSpeed=.6,snowMinSize=26,snowMaxSize=41,snowRefresh=40,snowStyles="cursor: default; -webkit-user-select: none; -moz-user-select: none; -ms-user-select: none; -o-user-select: none; user-select: none;",snow=[],pos=[],coords=[],lefr=[];function randomise(o){return rand=Math.floor(o*Math.random()),rand}function initSnow(){var o=snowMaxSize-snowMinSize;for(marginBottom=document.body.scrollHeight-5,marginRight=document.body.clientWidth-15,i=0;i<=snowMax;i++)coords[i]=0,lefr[i]=15*Math.random(),pos[i]=.03+Math.random()/10,snow[i]=document.getElementById("flake"+i),snow[i].style.fontFamily="inherit",snow[i].size=randomise(o)+snowMinSize,snow[i].style.fontSize=snow[i].size+"px",snow[i].style.color=snowColor[randomise(snowColor.length)],snow[i].style.zIndex=1e3,snow[i].sink=snowSpeed*snow[i].size/5,snow[i].posX=randomise(marginRight-snow[i].size),snow[i].posY=randomise(2*marginBottom-marginBottom-2*snow[i].size),snow[i].style.left=snow[i].posX+"px",snow[i].style.top=snow[i].posY+"px";moveSnow()}function resize(){marginBottom=document.body.scrollHeight-5,marginRight=document.body.clientWidth-15}function moveSnow(){for(i=0;i<=snowMax;i++)coords[i]+=pos[i],snow[i].posY+=snow[i].sink,snow[i].style.left=snow[i].posX+lefr[i]*Math.sin(coords[i])+"px",snow[i].style.top=snow[i].posY+"px",(snow[i].posY>=marginBottom-2*snow[i].size||parseInt(snow[i].style.left)>marginRight-3*lefr[i])&&(snow[i].posX=randomise(marginRight-snow[i].size),snow[i].posY=0);setTimeout("moveSnow()",snowRefresh)}for(i=0;i<=snowMax;i++)document.write(""+snowEntity+"");window.addEventListener("resize",resize),window.addEventListener("load",initSnow);

You can do that by creating a new JavaScript file and linking it to your main website or you can add it straight to the html/php file.

You can also tweak the JavaScript code and make the snow faster/heavier by changing the values however we do not recommend going too much as it will use too much resources therefore it will slow your website down.

Do let us know how the snow effect comes out in your site : )!