The best 3 Dark WHMCS hosting themes!

The best 3 dark hosting themes & templates for the billing platform WHMCS!

Here’s our list of top 3 whmcs themes for hosting companies & businesses


1. UltraHost – Dark Hosting Theme – 69$

This theme comes in 2 versions, one is using a gradient dark blue as a background everywhere and the other one uses an image background that can be easily replaced.

This is only a WHMCS theme and does not come with any PHP/HTML folder:


2. Odin – Dark Hosting Template – 69$

Odin comes second on the list and here’s why. It’s a perfect theme based on a PHP/HTML template that can be used for your primary website (No WordPress/CMS) and it’s integrated completely

with the billing platform WHMCS. It contains a lot of modern pages in the PHP/HTML version to make your company look very professional. Easy to configure/edit aswell!


3. Zeus – Dark Hosting Theme – 69$

Not far behind.. Zeus is the sister theme of Odin.

It is very identical to the mentioned theme, standing out with it’s perfectly balanced yellow color. Comes aswell in PHP/HTML version and integrated for WHMCS. So you’ll be receiving 2 folders after theme purchase.


Some general features regarding these whmcs themes:

  • Very modern and unique
  • Modified/customized pricing plans/packages design on WHMCS side
  • Responsive in all devices
  • Very easy to edit
  • Well documented for installation
  • Comes with 1 year free support


Here’s a list of all our whmcs themes:

The ‘client stealer’ of WHMCS… Blesta!

2021 is no doubt the year of suprises and excitements for the hosting industry 


Not long ago, WHMCS announced that it will change the pricing structure for it’s customers to make it more ‘premium’ and not affordable by everyone. Oh yes..! Also it would kill in a happy and friendly way all the ‘lifetime WHMCS clients’.. you know, those clients that supported the software many years ago and WHMCS wouldn’t have been where it is without them.

Maybe this is just the beginning of something greater. Who knows!?

Read more about it here


But is there any way to continue your business without giving WHMCS a bunch of money that in a few years you can buy an expensive car… or heck even a house if you have thousand of clients!? If we talked about years ago, WHMCS would have been probably the only, most reliable and affordable billing platform on planet earth.

Not anymore though, now we have multiple options to choose from for our most important software for our business, the one that manages and takes money from our clients.


I am going to talk about only one in particular, Blesta.


We have also many other options such as ClientExec, BoxBilling (not so reliable), HostBill.. etc etc..

But why am i choosing Blesta?


And let me tell you why :

One of the most important things why WHMCS has been keeping the crown these years was/is the community. The endless plugins & extensions, themes, 3d parties contributing to the software have made it #1 billing platform because you could find everything there.

You didn’t need to hire a developer to spend thousand of plugins to integrate your 3d party service into your billing platform, it’s most likely been integrated already in WHMCS Marketplace! That’s why people loved it, the pricing was amazing and what it offered had an infinite opportunities to make money! And that’s what we noticed on another software. Yes! Blesta.


Blesta has been keeping the tracks of WHMCS for long now. It was and is succeding on WHMCS failers. It has shown that it is a very reliable software to manage your hosting company and thousands are using it. But why didn’t people choose Blesta instead of WHMCS before? Because it lacked the big community WHMCS has. It lacked the 3d plugins/themes/extensions that are provided by the community that are using the software! It was not comparable to WHMCS.


What about now? Things have changed.


I personally have noticed a scary number of people migrating from WHMCS to Blesta.. and i’m not just speaking for clients. I’m speaking in behalf of developers and designers that are now seeing Blesta with a huge potentional for the future of the hosting industry!


And what does that mean? 

That means more money in the pockets of Blesta’s main developers = more updates and improvements to the software + larger community with endless plugins/themes/extensions to make the life easier for hosting business owners.


So i guess this is +1 score going on for Blesta!