About Agency.

Learn about AALayer Agency and how it first started.

2016 - 2020

Being involved in the hosting industry

It all started when i joined the 'Lowendtalk' forum as I was searching for a VPS for my projects. However, as I engaged with other users and contributed to discussions, i started getting clients from the hosting industry. Before I knew it, I was designing websites specifically for them and seamlessly integrating those sites with their billing platforms.

This allowed their businesses to operate more smoothly and enhanced the user experience. It's amazing how a simple forum led to fruitful opportunities and the chance to make a positive impact in the hosting market.

15+ custom themes designed
Beginning of 2020

The beginning of AALayer

Inspired by my deep involvement in the hosting industry and a genuine passion for design, I took the leap and established AALayer—a design agency specifically crafted for hosting businesses. Our core focus revolved around creating custom websites that perfectly complemented the unique requirements of hosting companies.

Our commitment to delivering top-quality designs and exceptional customer service propelled AALayer to emerge as a sought-after destination for hosting companies seeking high-quality, bespoke web design solutions.

Website goes live
End of 2020

Launch of the Marketplace

I was thrilled to announce the launch of the AALayer Marketplace, the newest platform for WHMCS & Blesta themes. It was an incredible journey, and I am proud to say that our marketplace became instantly popular. One of our standout offerings was the 'LowEndHost' theme, which we decided to offer for free. To my astonishment, it skyrocketed in popularity right from the start.

Hosting companies flocked to the AALayer Marketplace, eager to explore our hosting designs. This overwhelming response affirmed the strong demand for visually stunning and functional themes within the WHMCS and Blesta communities.

500+ theme downloads
2021 - 2023

Started growing

Between 2021 and 2023, AALayer experienced an incredible surge in growth. It was an exciting time for us as we witnessed over 1,000 sales in our marketplace. The trust bestowed upon us by more than 100 clients who sought our expertise in designing custom websites for their hosting businesses was truly humbling. We were elated to make a significant impact in the hosting market, especially when it came to enhancing the visual appeal of websites.

With our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch designs, we were able to transform the look and feel of numerous hosting websites, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and setting new industry standards. It was a rewarding period filled with immense satisfaction and gratitude for the trust our clients had in us.

1,000+ marketplace sales
100+ custom themes designed

Beautiful website & increased sales.