Massive WHMCS license price hike and death of lifetime licenses.


As everyone on the hosting industry already knows..

WHMCS has taken another path to provide their software only to ‘enterprise’ companies with big pockets. They recently made a huge price changing to their licenses, and a ‘death’ to WHMCS lifetime licenses. So from now on they have a more detailed, price structure based on your regular active clients, the more active ones you have, the more fuc*ed you are.


They also gave an ‘end’ to the lifetime licenses by stopping support and updates starting on 1 June.



Seems like they aren’t thinking of their clients anymore and this is just too obvious. But the community didn’t went quiet at all. WHMCS reputation just went upside-down over the net, especially websites like Trustpilot:


New brand! WHMCS.Design for WHMCS Themes


We have recently grabbed this premium domain just for one purpose! Very obvious, right?



WHMCS.Design will be our newest brand to present and sell our newest WHMCS themes and advertise our services, only for WHMCS. All our themes that we will be launching will be in that site with their information.

We suggest you bookmark that page, as we do intend to release new themes very soon. All themes will be without a doubt as usual modern, unique, responsive and will come with 1 year support after payment.


Go visit now:

Exclusive WHMCS Dark Themes released!



We are happy to say that we have recently released 2 new WHMCS Dark themes!

They are modern, unique and completely professional.

Both of them are released to work only for WHMCS 8.1 and no other older version. Both of them will cost no more than 69$.


The first one is Zeus:


.. and the second one, Odin.


These templates come with 1 year support after purchase. Through skype & email.



LowEndHost – Free WHMCS hosting template!

Lowendhost – Free Modern & Unique Web hosting template

Designed and released for the first time in 2018, probably one of the most downloaded free whmcs hosting template. Now it’s back and updated to the latest 7.x WHMCS versions!

Template contains PHP/HTML version and WHMCS integration… plus 3 colors version! [Blue, red and green].


Pages that are included in the PHP/HTML version are:

  • Home
  • Web Hosting
  • VPS
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Game Servers
  • and Terms of Service.


A few screenshots:


You can view live the template here:  – Green Version – Blue Version – Red Version


To download this free hosting template, head to AALayer Marketplace:


Thank you!