FOSSBilling, the new BoxBilling

We all remember BoxBilling.
The old billing platform we all used to have in our journey as a hosting company back in the days.

BoxBilling was very popular at that time due to the fact that it was one of the only ones around, completely free to use compared to it’s competitors. Awesome right?

A few years later, the billing platform(BoxBilling) was no longer getting updates & maintained. Companies stopped using it due to security issues & lack of support with 3d party integrations & apps. The project died and was just having the website online with no new announcements.

New billing platforms were introduced and companies migrated to those solutions, mostly the premium ones that were stable and popular among other hosting companies.

Not long ago from the time of this post, a post was made in LowEndTalk, a community forum used by a crazy amount of hosting businesses & Hosting/VPS/Dedicated servers enthusiastics.

BoxBilling was now getting updates & plans for the future by an active team of developers. That is not all though…

BoxBilling is also getting rewrited to a completely new and modern billing platform which will be named FOSSBilling.

The new billing app does not have ETA yet however you can check all the progess in their github page:

FOSSBilling billing platform aim is to provide a modern billing solution which will be free open source. Worth keeping an eye at!

If you wish to follow their progress even closer, join their official Discord group: